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Get 24/7 Life And Fire Protection With Smarter Home Safety Products

When you have a life or fire emergency, every second is important. That’s why [your home needs the most reliable fire, flood, and carbon monoxide alarms that connect to your Fort Lauderdale home security system.

That’s because the moment your Fort Lauderdale home safety products detect a fire, CO, or flood emergency, your ADT monitoring center will quickly contact emergency personnel. ADT monitoring is nice when you're sitting on the couch, but necessary when you’re not home -- like when a faulty HVAC overheats or you forgot to turn off the toaster. With ADT monitoring constantly on call, emergency services could show up to your place before you can!

Fort Lauderdale smoke detector adt

Smart Fire Security Comes From Monitored Fire Alarms

Use something safer than your conventional smoke detectors with fire alarms that sense both temperature and smoke. And when your alarms go off, your ADT monitoring center quickly directs the fire department to your house.

Fort Lauderdale carbon dioxide detector

Protect Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning With A CO Sensor

Enhance your fire safety with a robust CO alarm that notifies you and your monitoring station the instant it detects even trace amounts of this odorless, colorless gas.

Reduce Water Damage Using Your Monitored Flood Detector

A spontaneous basement lake can ruin everything from carpets to precious memories. A monitored flood detector alerts you when water is coming in from a Fort Lauderdale leaky pipe or clogged storm drain.

Fort Lauderdale panic button for sale

Panic Buttons Give Instant Alerts To A Health Or Safety Emergency

Get immediate help for a health or safety crisis with your panic button. Gift the lightweight device to a loved one to display on their wrist or like a necklace. One button press gives them a secure call to an ADT monitoring professional.

ADT Monitoring Means Peace of Mind Home Or Away

For every triggered alarm, ADT quickly notifies safety personnel. Then you’re able to focus on guiding your family to someplace safe if a fire or other emergency is detected when you’re all home. ADT monitoring also ensures that your home is still watched over when you’re at school and work. Your alarms will even text alerts to your cell phone. That’s reliable protection 24/7/365!

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